Friday, December 18, 2015

Baby #2 Update

I'm still here! We're still alive! The urge to blog has been there! But wanting to do it? Not quite so much.

But let's do a quick update on Baby Holtsclaw #2 while the toddler is napping and I've got a little bit of energy/motivation to type up a quick post (although I should be using that energy/motivation to load the dishwasher... it'll get done eventually ;)

I'll be 19 weeks tomorrow and things have been great (love the 2nd trimester!!!). So far I've been blessed to have another easy pregnancy (just like my first) and when I realized last night I'm almost 20 weeks along and halfway done, it made me sad. I remembered looking forward to getting pregnant again, and to now be pregnant and almost halfway done? How has it gone by so fast already?! Maybe that will help me better appreciate the heartburn that has shown up much earlier this time around OR the gagging/trying not to throw up anytime I smell something gross poopy diapers, the garbage can, raw meat, etc., etc., etc. I feel like I've spent half this pregnancy with my t-shirt up over my nose trying to talk myself out of wanting to throw up (the best is when I'm actively gagging and Luke starts mimicking me by coughing... not funny at the time, but totally funny once the gagging has subsided!).

Yesterday we had our mid-pregnancy ultrasound and baby is doing great! We brought Big Brother along with us to see his new baby brother or sister (we don't find out the gender and prefer our little ones to be a surprise!) but he was more interested in watching the ultrasound tech move the wand around my belly than looking at little brother/sister on the screen. This little one was moving so much and looked like a little boxer throwing punches with its fists! Looks like we have a soccer player (Luke) and a future boxer on our hands ;)

Here's some pictures of our little one!

We're so grateful this little one looks to be doing well and can't wait to meet our newest little addition! Here's to hoping the second half of this pregnancy is just as uneventful as the first!


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